Dear Friends & Supporters, 

As Mayor, I care deeply about this community and I am very committed to continuing to make change in North Grenville.

I have worked tirelessly since my election in 2018 to do justice to the mandate given to me by the voters in North Grenville. I am now running for election and would be honoured to have your support. Our campaign will be positive, focused, and energetic, much like the leadership I have sought to bring in my role as Mayor.

Here are seven simple things you can do:

1.    Introduce me to your family, friends, neighbours & co-workers in North Grenville. You can do this via social media, at community events, and other venues.  I welcome invitations to games, tournaments, recreational meetings, social clubs and more!

2.    Host a small coffee party so I can meet who matter to you!  No more than an hour is needed. I have time on weekends and weekdays to drop by your home (or coffee shop of your choice). That way, I can hear directly from your friends and family.

3.   Consider making a financial contribution. Your donation goes directly to purchasing leaflets, signs, digital and radio advertising, and more. Donate here.

4. Put a sign on your lawn.  Having a sign on your lawn shows others you have confidence in your choice of mayor.  Reaching out to ten people in your network to ensure they vote too will be crucial too! Request a sign here.

5. Join me to knock on doors in neighbourhoods near you! If you haven’t canvassed before, don’t worry. A short 15 minute orientation is provided. An hour or two on an evening or weekend is all that is required.

6.  Share this page with your networks so others can sign up for campaign updates.

7. Volunteer for a task. I need support putting up signs, entering data, drafting communications and getting out the vote. If you are new at campaigns, this is an opportunity to have fun and be part of an amazing team!

VOTING IS EASY (But you must be registered)!

In our municipality, voting is easy. It can be done by phone, internet or in person.  Voting will take place from Monday, October 17th to Monday, October 24th.

However, you must be registered to vote. To ensure you are on the list, check here.

Thank you for caring. Let’s do this!


Nancy Peckford

*Please fill out the form below to let me know how you can help